The Most Wonderful Chun’an Fish Restaurants in Hangzhou


Mouths will water at the thought of Hangzhou Downtown opening a third branch of the Qiandao Lake Fish Restaurant- West Lake Branch. So, if you’re a fan of all things fishy then delve deeper…

Qiandao Lake Fish Restaurant

Qiandao Lake Fish Restaurant was founded in 1980, its name was inscribed by the famous master of painting and calligraphy-Mr. Ye Zuoyu. In 1987, it was regarded as the "Famous Chinese Restaurant" and was written into the "Famous Zhejiang Restaurants" and "Simple Chinese Cooking Dictionary." Based on traditional cooking techniques like blasting, frying, steaming and stewing and taking essences from the major styles of cooking, it has created many featured dished including the "Stewed Fish Head with Tomato in Casserole" "Xiushui Braised Fish Head in Casserole" "Xiushui Fish Maw" and so on. The Brand Chun Organic Fish Head has already become the name card of Qiandao Lake’s tourism products. At present, Qiandao Lake Fish Restaurant owns a total of five branches, namely, the Qiandao Lake Head Restaurant, Qiandao Lake Branch (Fisherman's Wharf Restaurant), Hangzhou Qingchun Branch, Qianjiang CBD Branch and West Lake Branch.

West Lake Branch

Located in Hangzhou’s downtown, it nestles between the Zhejiang Provincial Government and the Hangzhou Municipal Government House. Next to the beautiful West Lake, it’s only 150 meters away from Wulinmen Square which is near to the Wulin and Yan’an Business Circles. With nine private dining rooms and a banquet hall which can accommodate 300 people at once, it oozes in elegance.

Address: 4/F Huandao Hotel, 92 West Round-City Road, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou
Reservation Hotline: 0571-85060088

Opening Special:
1. During the event, a free appetizing Fish Head and 60% discounts on all other fish heads will be offered to groups of six or more.
2. During the event, you can enjoy a 20% discount on all the fish heads in the Qingchun and Qianjiang Branches.
3. During the event, gifts and souvenirs will be given to those who dine in the West Lake, Qingchun and Qianjiang CBD Branches.
4. Event time: May 26 to June 25.

Qianjiang CBD Branch

Open in 2015, this is the second Hangzhou chain store of the Qiandao Lake Fish Restaurant. Located in the core area of the Qianjiang New City, it’s adjacent to the Sunrise of Qianjiang Attraction and Hualian UDC Time Market. It has seven private dining rooms and a main dining hall which can accommodate more than 700 people. In accordance with the cooking methods of the head restaurant, it features the Brand Chun organic head as well as many other local dishes, satisfying any number of customers’ needs.

Address: 3/F of Dikai International Center, 19 Dangui Road, Qianjiang New City, Jianggan District, Hangzhou
Reservation Hotline: 0571-87157779
Nutritional value: Taking the Chun Organic Head as the basic ingredient, it has combined the “tastiness” of fish head with the "spiciness" of chopped chili to create a unique dish. It uses the steamed cooking method so that the fish head can be retained and the peppery taste of the chopped chili can linger. It tastes waxy, soft, fat but not greasy, salty and slightly spicy. This dish won the Gold Award of the 2005 "Thousand Island Lake" Cup Chinese Freshwater Fish Cooking Competition.

Qingchun Branch

As the first Hangzhou chain store of the Qiandao Lake Fish Restaurant which was opened in 2014, it’s located in the heart of the city center where traffic is convenient. The restaurant has 20 private dining quarters varying in size, a dining hall and a banquet hall which can accommodate 500 people at once. It mainly serves the Qiandao Lake fish head as well as many other lake specialties.

Address: 38-1, 1-2 Qingchun Road, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou
Reservation Hotline: 0571-87790808 / 82288116
Nutritional Value: Based on the unique and original cooking technique and food standard of the Qiandao Lake Restaurant, the chef will carefully cook the fish head with the biggest features which includes bright color, sweet and sour taste and fresh meat. What’s more, it owns good adjuvant therapeutic effects for those patients who have high blood pressure and kidney disease. In addition, it won the special gold award in the 2012 China Health Food Festival.

The Headquarters

Qiandao Island Lake Restaurant (Headquarters) is located at the cross street of the downtown area. It not only boasts 30 luxury private dining rooms, 4 banquet halls and 3 meeting rooms which can accommodate 1200 people at the same time, but it also has private parking and other facilities. With a classical and elegant style, it equips itself well with bronze artworks, indoor landscape ponds and other layout details which are of unique ingenuity and fully reveal the regional cultures and fishing culture characteristics of the Qiandao Lake.

Address: 2, Lingnan Road, Qiandao County, Hangzhou
Reservation Hotline: 0571-64811000 / 64822920
Nutritional Value: From fish to dish, the organic fish is carefully selected, killed and stewed. It is a super food that is elaborately cooked with unique cooking methods and it features a milky white soup and an authentic, fresh, thick but not greasy taste. It has also won the special gold medal of the 2011 China New Zhejiang Cuisine Display Contest and the platinum prize of the 2012 Hangzhou One-Hundred Recipes Healthy Dishes Design Contest.

Fisherman's Wharf Branch

Fisherman's Wharf is the only branch to open in Qiandao Lake in 2010. Located in the downtown area and next to the beautiful scenery of the Lake, it’s surrounded on three sides by water. With 18 luxury rooms, it can accommodate more than 600 people. In accordance with the cooking methods of the headquarters, it has integrated local food with cultural characteristics to create a featured brand of the Chunan local food.

Address: 5-1, Xin'an Avenue, Qiandaohu County, Hangzhou
Reservation Hotline: 0571-65067979
Nutritional value: Taking the organic head as the basic ingredient, it provides tender meat and rich nutrients such as protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron elements and rich unsaturated fatty acids, which can make brain cells unusually active and delay the mental decline process. Coupled with the local sauce of the Qiandao Lake, the taste is even more tasty and delicious. It is also worth mentioning that this dish has won the gold medal of the 2002 "Qiandao Lake" Freshwater Fish Cooking Contest.