26 Things You Must Do in Hangzhou

As soon as you arrive in Hangzhou you will never want to leave. In the city the list of things to do is endless and below are 26 of them that you simply won't want to miss.

26 Things You Must Do in Hangzhou

01 To capture the intoxicating scenes of both the sunrise at Precious Stone Hill and the sunset at Broken Bridge, this is truly a heavenly experience.
02 To enjoy the glorious night scenes of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal where brilliant lights outline the city’s antiquity and modernity.
03 To ramble along the winding corridors in Guo’s Villa to fully appreciate the relics and elegance of the “King of West Lake Gardens”.
04 To listen to the gurgling streams flowing in Nine Creeks and Eighteen Gullies and to breathe the fresher than fresh air in the cool mountains and forests.
05 To ride along the cycle path by Xianghu Lake, which breezes you through enchanting views of mountains and lakes.

06 To explore one of the most popular food streets – Dadou Historical Street to savor a variety of flavors and cuisines in any one of its scenic restaurants.
07 To travel along the Bamboo-Lined Path at Yunqi to enjoy its cool and most tranquil environment and then to ascend Wuyun Mountain where an over 1500 years old gingko tree proudly stands.
08 To experience Hangzhou’s unique nightlife on Nanshan Road where a sense of joy is brought by the many bars and their live music.
09 To visit Chong Yi Church, the largest Chinese church in the world, to listen to the Gospel and feel its solemnity.
10 To explore the most beautiful contemporary campus complex – China Academy of Art, Xiangshan Campus, which is dubbed as a solidified art with stiff lines but has an aura of elegance.

11 To walk past red maple trees, brightened by rays of sunshine, to the solemn Lingyin Temple where you can pray piously in front of the Buddha.
12 To travel to No. 51 Zhijiang Road to view one of the most beautiful campuses, Zhejiang University, Zhijiang Campus and to see its flame-red castle-style buildings set amongst mountains and lush greenery.
13 To admire the golden sea of rapeseed flowers in Xinye Ancient Village which undulates along the landscape, thus composing the most beautiful pastoral scene.
14 To discover Longmen Ancient Town where you can immerse yourself in elegant Jiangnan scenery and ancient building complexes that date back to the Ming and Qing dynasties.
15 To stand on the City Balcony of Hangzhou to enjoy a most dazzling light show and a most spectacular Qiantang River Tide.

16 To have a magical journey to Hangzhou Polar Ocean World as if you were a child.
17 To seek out the unique bookshops hidden in a century-old village – Yunxi Shenaoli where the ancient custom of returning to one’s nature is mingled with the fragrance of books.
18 To travel back in time to China’s Southern Song Dynasty to marvel at the splendid performance of “Legend of the Song Dynasty” and experience its many century-old folk customs in Song Dynasty Town.
19 To taste vegetarian food in the impressive Xiangji Temple.
20 To witness the panoramic view of Qiandao Lake where a myriad of islets dot themselves in crystal-clear waters and to taste its specialty, Qiandao Lake fish head.

21 To glide past the views of Xixi National Wetland Park along many of its crisscrossing creeks in a boat.
22 To have fun in Hangzhou Paradise Park where fair rides and Ferris wheels are waiting to spin your hearts and minds.
23 To quench your thirst with a cup of Longjing green tea in any one of the teahouses that embrace Meijiawu Village.
24 To engage in unique visual and audio performances in Hangzhou Grand Theater
25 To ascend Daming Mountain to view the sunrise and sunset and to admire the marvelous scenery that rests at its foot.
26 To walk into Yaolin Wonderland, broadening your horizons in the world of stone landscapes.