A Sip of Spring…

To accompany a great coffee, a most enchanting scene is essential. So, for a sip of spring then step into Hangzhou, now in a colorful season enveloped by misty fog, and the perfect place to seek out a cafe or two. The following are a few of our recommendations near to the West Lake Scenic Area.

Zeader Once Café

Address: 59 Zhijixiang Lane

Hours: 12:00-22:00
Recommended: SOE white coffee and pour-over coffee

Zeader Once Cafe- Hangzhou Cafes

Zeader Once Café is situated in an old lane beside the ancient Hefang Street. It’s relatively small with a few tables but is a new rising star in Hangzhou’ s coffee industry. Its owner is quite a figure in the arena of coffee making and baking in Hangzhou. All the coffee beans in the café are roasted personally by the owner.

The SOE (single origin espresso) coffee made from the owner’s self roasted coffee beans, no matter white or black, will definitely leave you with a thirst for more. The latte in the café is smooth and sweet, while the Americano is blended with fruity flavors. As for the pour-over coffee, you can either choose from the wide variety of high-quality coffee beans from different production areas or with different roasting methods, or you can bring your own …

Peu à Peu Café

Address: 244, Zhongshan Middle Road
Hours: 11:00-22:30
Recommended: latte and pour-over coffee

Peu a Peu Cafe - Hangzhou Cafes

The entrance of Peu à Peu Café is quite simple whilst the interior is warm and inviting. The café’s espresso coffee beans are a variety from Guatemala. The latte is frothy and sweet and irresistible to taste. The pour-over coffee made from Rwanda washed coffee beans tastes refreshing and sour like that of a green apple.

The café is housed inside a duplex building with the second floor dedicated to an open space, which is a mix of North European and Japanese style. Their desserts are also quite palatable so, don’t forget to order one to go with your coffee.

Abutlamb Coffee 

Address: 87 Zhongshan Middle Road

Hours: 10:00-20:00
Recommended: pour-over coffee

Abutlamb Coffee - Hangzhou Cafes

Abutlamb Coffee is perhaps the smallest café in Hangzhou. The café is only 20 sq m with its bar accounting for two thirds of this space. It has no sofas and tables, but only bar chairs and a few outdoor tables. Although it has only been open for three months, it has already become one of the most popular cafes in Hangzhou. Compared with other cafés that focus heavily on their appearance, Abutlam Coffee invests a lot of time and energy in delivering the best coffees in town.
Fewer cafés provide people with such a diversified selection of coffee as Abutlamp Coffee does. The café provides pour-over and ice drip coffee to milk coffee made from different Italian coffee beans and drip coffee by the American well-known coffee roast provider. Its Italian coffee has two kinds you can choose from, 49th old school and energy saving bulb and its latte and piccolo coffees are prepared from a single variety from Ethiopia. As for the pour-over coffee, there are Columbia, Mandheling and Yirgacheffe to choose from and sometimes some foreign brands like heart and sight glass can be sampled.