Hangzhou in Bloom

As the weather gets warmer, we also witness the city begin to bloom. From the golden rape flowers in the Eight-Diagram Field to the multi-colored Dutch tulips in Prince’s Bay Park, Hangzhou vibrantly blossoms its way through spring.

Rape Flowers

Eight-Diagram Field - Rape Flowers

The Eight-Diagram Field is situated in the south of Hangzhou city and is adjoined to Jade Emperor Mountain near the West Lake. The field, boasting of endless intoxicating scenery, used to be ploughed by Zhao Gou, Emperor Gaozong of the Song Dynasty (1127-1162). Recently, some of the rape flowers have started to bloom and it is estimated that after the spring equinox, the Eight-Diagram Field will be a sea of golden rape flowers, which makes the perfect setting during springtime.

Plum Blossom

Plum Blossom

Currently now is the best time to view plum blossom. There are three places to go to view these colorful creations: Hangzhou Botanical Garden, Xixi National Wetland Park and Chaoshan Hill. Each place offers a different viewing experience. So, if you are wishing to find an ideal camping spot then under any one of Hangzhou Botanical Garden’s plum blossom trees you should rest. In Xixi, you can drift along the zigzagging rivers to enjoy the blossom whilst sipping a cup of Longjing tea and listening to the sounds of Yueju Opera; Chaoshan, however, is famous and frequented mostly for its ancient species, plum blossom of the Tang Dynasty and plum blossom of the Song Dynasty.


Tulips - Prince Bay Park

In Prince Bay Park, the Cherry blossom has already bloomed so now it’s the tulips that are shooting up to take the park’s spotlight. The colorful Dutch scene is estimated to last until April 15. In addition, there are many other flowers like orchid, magnolia and wild daffodil adding depth and color to an already vibrant show.

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