Qiandao Lake Stone Forest Scenic Area

The 20-square-kilometer Qiandao Lake Stone Forest Scenic Area is one of China's four major stone forests. It is located in Qiandao Lake, Chun'an County, in the west of Hangzhou. It is unique in East China for its wide area, large scale and strange landscape, and is called "the Top One Stone Forest in East China".

Qiandao Lake Stone Forest is a labyrinth of karst landscape and is composed of three sections, Lan Yu Ping, Maodai Ridge and Xi Shan Ping. Inside the scenic area, there are rolls upon rolls of steep peaks and all kinds of stone formations including stone walls, stone columns, stalagmites, stone caves, each with its own characteristics. For its high elevation of 650 meters above sea level, it was called "Baiyun (White Cloud) Mountain" in ancient times. Among the high mountains and lofty hills, Yunwu (Cloud and Mist) Tea is grown. The stone forest belongs to the labyrinth type karst landform with high and steep stone peaks in various shapes and winding paths in between. Walking through the stone forest, what meet you could be a gurgling stream, the end of a river, the foot of a hill, a broad area or a simply confusing landscape. It is indeed the great creation of nature.
Paths in the stone forest are anfractuous. In an area of half a square kilometer, the tourist trail can be as long as more than ten thousand meters; Paths in between these stone peaks zigzag and loop, and people are often finding themselves back to the original place. Some say the stone forest is like "a maze", while others compare it to "eight diagrams tactics". At the edge of the stone forest is a cliff, at the bottom of which clouds and mist linger. The path downwards along the cliff leads people to a cave called “Qinyin”. The entrance to the cave is wide where you can leisurely enjoy the cool breeze and listen to the spring gurgling.

The scenic area’s main landscape includes "peculiar-shaped stones, cliffs, ancient paths and caves", with unique shaped stone peaks, pictographic strange stones all over the place, which forms hundreds of lifelike unique landscapes. Thus, it is called "natural animal museum". 
Qiandao Lake Stone Forest still maintains a primitive and unadorned natural ecological environment, which is "the classroom of landscape aesthetics and the garden of popular science education". In addition, rich and colorful entertainment facilities in the scenic area like sightseeing bus, wine workshop and bean curd workshop make visitors overwhelmed with excitement. "Shilin Renjia (石林人家)" catering featured by "original, farm, wild" is greatly admired. At the same time, every year from July to October, wonderful "campfire camp or bullfight" activities bring more happiness!

Scenic Area Address: Shilin Town, Chun'an County, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province 浙江省杭州市淳安县石林镇
Opening Hours: 08:30-16:00 throughout the year