Classic Two-Day Qiandao Lake Tour


Duration: two days

Number of Sights: three

Tour Features: animals, water fun, forest oxygen bar, rafting, mountain hiking, boat cruise and nature

Itinerary Details


Qiandao Lake

The islands and waters of Qiandao Lake are certainly not to be missed. Board a leisure boat and get on Meifeng Island to view the superb panorama of Qiandao Lake and enjoy grass skiing. Yule (Fish Fun) Island and Longshan (Dragon Mountain) Island are also good for sightseeing. In the afternoon, you can ride a bicycle leisurely along the lakeside leisurely and if the timing is right, you are able to see the beautiful view of the sunset over the lake.


Central Lake Area


Meifeng Island is the first stop of the morning cruise in the Central Lake Area of Qiandao Lake. It is blessed with the best Qiandao Lake scenery. Standing on top of the mountain overlooking the scattered islands in the Qiandao Lake, you will enjoy a visual feast. You can also enjoy the breathtaking grass skiing when ascending the island.
Duration: Half a day is recommended.

Opening Hours: 8:00-16:00; The wharf in the Central Lake Area is open 24 hours a day, but tickets for cruise ships will only be on sale until 13:00. The details shall be subject to the notice of the scenic area.

Qiandao Lake Cycling

The Qianfen Road is about 66 kilometers long and features smooth pavement, great design and dozens of service stations and sightseeing platforms. Equipped with comprehensive supply facilities, such as drinks and food, and bicycle rental, it is the most popular route for tourists and professional riders. The famous Xiaojinshan scenic area is located on the Qianfen Road. On both sides of the bridge are open lakes with fishing boats and small islands scattering on the water. It is very suitable for photography.

Chunyang Road: Starting from Qiandao Lake tourist pier, wind along Chunyang County in Zhejiang, pass by Shangjiangfu Bridge, Anyang Township, Dashu Town and Fengshuling Town. The line connects with Qianfen Line. If you have good physical strength, you can complete a true "cycling around the lake".

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00-17:30; Saturday and Sunday 9:00-17:30.


Qiandao Lake


Qiandao Lake has not only first-class water, but also first-class forest oxygen bar. Enjoy mountain hiking in the forest oxygen bar, breathe the super fresh air and feel refreshed.

Forest Oxygen Bar

Inside the Qiandao Lake Forest Oxygen Bar Scenic Area, there aren't any high mountains, but features the best air in Qiandao Lake area. You can walk leisurely in the scenic area, and breathe the air full of the fragrance of plants and mud to relax completely. You can also walk across rope bridges, play on a swing, take photos with peacocks in the forest, or enjoy grass skiing, play with water to beat the summer heat. When you are tired, you can take a nap in a tea house or coffee bar in the scenic area.

Duration: Two hours are recommended.
Opening Hours: 8:00-17:00 in spring, summer and autumn (April 1 - November 30); 8:30-16:30 in winter (December 1 - March 31 of next year); The details shall be subject to the notice of the scenic area.