Summer Escape


Often, when on holiday, we try to fit as many things into our itineraries as possible racing around trying to see and do everything. By the end of it, we need a holiday after our holiday! However, for a truly relaxing escape, and with plenty of summer sun left, the answer may be closer than you think - Qiandao Lake "Xianshan Peninsula".

Natural Oxygen Bar

In the Southeast Lake Area of Qiandao Lake, there is a dream-like "Xianshan Peninsula". There are different kinds of trees and plants grown freely in the peninsula, and in summer the rolling mountains produce endless dark and light green. The mountains and fields covered with emerald green, and white clouds floating in the blue sky contrast finely with each other. If you're lucky, you can see the subtle mist that lingers over the mountains.


Look into the Distance


The lakeside infinity swimming pool among mountains is embraced by nature. It is always popular in summer and winter. In summer, playing with water with children in outdoor pools is an option for many parents, and boating whether manual or automatic is favored by children. Of course, in addition to playing with water, the two-level infinity design makes the pool internet-famous in summer.


Island Tour


Private yachts pass over the azure lake creating white waves. The waves are surging, layer upon layer, like flowers in full bloom chasing each other. Take your family to have an island tour is also a unique enjoyment. You can either go to Huangshan Peak to see the natural phenomenon of islands forming the shape of Chinese phrase "天下为公 (the whole world as one community)" and go to Mishan Island to listen to the story of three monks (a famous Chinese story).

Stay in Ahri-Themed Family Suite


These 55-square-meter family suites provide Ahri-themed children's bathrobes, children's bath toys, children's umbrellas, etc., and there are even special toiletries for children... There are themes of blue Ahri starry sky, pink Ahri Peach Princess, yellow Ahri world... From bathroom to bed, from decoration to toys, Ahri elements merging into the whole suite create a strong fairy tale ambience. Balconies overlooking Qiandao Lake are specially equipped with a tatami with Ahri-themed small tent, children pillow and Ahri dolls.

InterContinental One Thousand Island Lake Resort
Address: Wanxiang Road, Xianshan Peninsula, Qiandao Lake Town, Chun'an County 淳安县千岛湖镇羡山半岛万向路