Meet the time you want Teahouse (Canal Shop)


Name in Chinese: 遇到你要的時光(运河店)

Address: Building 79, Qiaoxi Historic Block, Gongshu District

Phone: 86-571-85186323

Brief of Meet the time you want Teahouse (Canal Shop)

The teahouse is located in Qiaoxi Historical Block, beside the famous Grand Canal. Follow the streets paved with blue stone, walk through a family shop, opposite the Gongchen Academy is Meet the time you want Teahouse.

This is a two-story building with a wooden structure. When you enter the teahouse, you can see elegant and tasteful elements of paper chandeliers and wooden furniture. It is also very suitable for taking a good-looking photo. The teahouse has private rooms that not only provide more privacy but also enjoy the view more easy. Through the large floor-to-ceiling windows, you can see the bustling historic block and hear the voice of the boats passing by and the river beats the shore. There are many books available in the teahouse, a pot of tea, a book, and a laid-back life.