Fine Tea House (Fanyun Lane Stores)


Name in Chinese: 和茶馆(法云弄店)

Address: In Aman Fayun Hotel, No. 22 Fayun Lane, West Lake Street

Phone: 86-571-87979556

Brief of Fine Tea House (Fanyun Lane Stores)

The Aman Fayun Hotel is hidden in the forest near Lingyin Temple, and the Fine Tea house is inside the hotel, but this does not prevent many people from admiring its name and coming here. Although the tea house is not large, it looks like a museum with quiet environment and all kinds of tea utensils. The tea here is a selection of good teas at different times of the year with extraordinary taste . The food and tea in the tea house has a sound match with each other and are also very unique. Simple meals, good tea, the lingering bells of Lingyin Temple, and the elegant scenery around are really good experiences.