Yishi Tea House


Name in Chinese: 一时茶馆

Address: No, 13 Tianzhu Road, 30 meters south of Lingyin Temple gate

Phone: 86-571-87976811

Brief of Yishi Tea House

Walking along Tianzhu Road and passing by Tianzhu Memorial Archway will reach Yishi Tea House. Though not far away from the busy Lingyin Temple, it seemed as if it was a quiet time to stop at here.
There are all kinds of tea presented in the main hall. Every tea table has partitions to protect their space from interference. Products and exhibits of tea and tea service set are placed in the middle of the hall. The second floor is wooden loft style, with high roof and wood windows. This tea house has quiet and elegant overall environment, providing thoughtful service but disturbing. There are many kinds of tea with good quality. You can choose the tea you want to drink, there will be a tea artist brewing for you and explaining the knowledge of tea and the skills of brewing tea.
A pot of tea, a plate of refreshments, a person, a leisurely time... Life is short, but become rich and colorful because of the wonderful memories of the bits and pieces.