Qingzhu (Green Bamboo) Teahouse


Name in Chinese: 青竹茶馆

Address: No. 31, Beishan Road, Xihu District (西湖区北山街31号)

Phone: 86-571-87382322

Brief of Qingzhu (Green Bamboo) Teahouse

In the hearts of most Hangzhou people, there is always a soft spot reserved for Beishan Road, which is right next to the West Lake and offers a vantage point to view the West Lake in all four seasons. It’s on this road, at the foot of Qixia Mountain, that you will find the black-tiled and black-walled Qingzhu Teahouse.

Sitting in the teahouse, through the giant ceiling-to-floor windows, the West Lake, Bai Causeway and Beishan Road are there for you to view. Spacious and quiet, there you will find the most leisurely life in Hangzhou.

Qingzhu Teahouse is housed inside a villa with a courtyard. The two stone statues of lions show the respect the teahouse owner has towards Chinese traditional culture, and also the high expectations he has for the teahouse. Qingzhu Teahouse covers an area of over 600 sq m with functions zones of a lobby, an open-air zone, balconies and five private rooms.

Qingzhu Teahouse applies sound-proof and sound-absorbing materials with considerable attention paying to air circulation, providing all a comfortable private gathering place.

There are currently eight tea specialists in the teahouse. All qualified tea specialists have gone through years of training. Brewing tea is not, as most people see it, just about pouring hot water into a cup with tea leaves, but every simple movement of it should conform to some certain criteria, like how to pour water, how to keep balance, how to sit … All have high demands. Besides, there are also demands on tea specialists about the knowledge of tea leaves, tea-related space design, Cha Xi design, Teaism, tea growing, tea management and etc. So, drinking tea in Qingzhu Teahouse is not only about tea tasting, sightseeing but a trip to cultivate your mind and soul.

Qingzhu Teahouse provides six tea varieties, seasonal fruits and refreshments. Though different tea varieties come from different channels, but all are carefully picked by the owner. For example, he’d travel all the way to the origin place of Pu’er Tea, Yunnan to seek for Pu’er Tea and contracted with three tea farmhouses for Longjing green tea (he even personally came to tea farmers’ house to collect tea in the tea season). It’s his love for teas that makes Qingzhu Teahouse so special.