Upland Spring Fashion Tea House

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Name in Chinese: 高地春天时尚茶馆

Address: 3/F, Sound Nature Hotel, No.588 North Zhongshan Road, Hangzhou...

Phone: 86-571-85390059

Brief of Upland Spring Fashion Tea House

Located in the north of the Grand Canal, Upland Spring Fashion Tea House is very nicely laid out with stone statues of Buddha everywhere. The teahouse provides a nice selection of seating to choose from: Little hideaways with some privacy; booths along the big windows with a view of the canal; and big tables out in the open space. With a cup of tea, you can eat as much dim sum as you can for free (The cheapest tea is 58 Yuan per cup) and stay as long as you want. And the food here is more than just cheap snack food. It’s a really nice place to spend time with your friends.