Chenghuang Tower Teahouse


Name in Chinese: 城隍阁茶楼

Address: No.3, Wu Hill, Hangzhou (杭州市吴山3号)

Phone: 86-571-87922788

Brief of Chenghuang Tower Teahouse

Chenghuang Tower Teahouse, founded in 2000, is located high on the top of Wushan Hill and is a multifunctional establishment that serves the purpose of leisure, sightseeing and reception.

The third floor of Chenghuan (Town God) Tower is decorated in traditional Chinese style where Ming Dynasty-style redwood furniture is aplenty and the teas here are of great variety including of course the most famous ones, like West Lake Longjing, Tie Guanyin (a variety of oolong tea) and Pu’er.

The best known snack served here is Wushan Hill Crisp Cake. The cake is a renowned traditional snack with a local history of over seven hundred years and is also known as ‘Top Cake in Wushan Hill’. It resembles a golden hill capped with snow and tastes crispy and sweet and not greasy at all.