Jin Duan Teahouse


Name in Chinese: 金端茶庄

Address: No.95, Santaishan Road, Hangzhou (杭州市三台山路95号)

Phone: 86-571-87999410

Brief of Jin Duan Teahouse

The nice little teahouse is run by the Zhang family. What makes this place great is that it juts up against the woods, unlike the others which are clumped together in a maze of umbrella-covered patio furniture and that flat green carpet that's easy to trip over. Here, there are cleared areas where tables are set up amongst the trees. On the menu are a variety of local and a few random Sichuan dishes to choose from.

There are plenty of things to see and tranquil places to walk after you've stuffed yourself. A bit of a warning though: As with any outdoor dining this time of year, always remember to coat yourself generously with insect repellant.