Orioles Singing Teahouse

Orioles Singing Teahouse (2).jpg

Name in Chinese: 闻莺阁茶楼

Address: No.3, Nan Shan Road, Hangzhou (杭州市南山路3号)

Phone: 86-571-87922540

Brief of Orioles Singing Teahouse

This little spot is near Orioles Singing in the Willows Park (柳浪闻莺公园). It truly is one of the best areas around West Lake, especially at night when the willows are lit up just right. If you take the main path all the way to the lake, Orioles Singing Teahouse is the last building you’ll see. Its location on the water’s edge affords drinkers a panoramic view of the dueling towers.

This teahouse has a charm that you just can’t find in the busy, colossal Hu Pan Ju because it sits in this less traversed area of the lake. Now that the mercury isn’t quite so high, the patio seating is one of the best spots to slurp some tea and nibble on some bits. The food is typical teahouse fare, but the price isn’t too bad, between 50 and 65 Yuan for a variety of teas. There is also a small selection of coffees, but why ruin the experience. Yes, it can get noisy and crowded, but the table gets crowded as well with munchies. The simplicity and scenery of Orioles Singing Teahouse make it a teahouse worthy of being revisited, and that’s something coming from us.