Star Avenue Center Two


Name in Chinese: 星光大道二期

Address: No.1766, Binsheng Road, Hangzhou

Phone: 86-571-87173002

Brief of Star Avenue Center Two

Star Avenue Center Two in Hangzhou is a new commercial complex opened on Dec 19, 2015. Together with Center One, it makes the most fashionable and popular shopping and leisure places in Binjiang District. Star Avenue enjoys excellent location, just a few steps away from Jiangling Road Station of Hangzhou Metro Line 1.

Star Avenue focuses on cinema culture and luxury shopping:

China Film International Cinema upgrades its branch in Phase II by offering the first DMAX movie hall in Binjiang. Customers will have fabulous experience when watching 3D or 4D movies.

Another highlight is the Habitat Flagship Furniture Store. This French brands present Hangzhou people luxurious and top furniture products. As the third branch in China, the store covers an area of more than 1200 square meters. There are seven experience areas within the store.

Molly Fantasy opened its second store in Hangzhou. It is a children’s playground aiming at providing fun for kids under 12 years old. Most of the entertainment equipments are imported from Japan.

YOSN O2O Boutique Imported Products Store is a place where offline shopping is combined with online shopping. In the store, you can pay online to get the products you like, most of which are imported from overseas.