Wulin Women's Fashion Street


Name in Chinese: 武林路时尚女装街

Address: Near No. 20 Huancheng West Road (环城西路20号附近)

Phone: 86–571–86906589

Brief of Wulin Women's Fashion Street

Wulin Women's Fashion Street has been one of the hottest shopping spots in town for years. There are no department stores here. What you’ve got are plenty of boutiques, most of which require a little bargaining. You’ve got to experience going out at night for a walk amongst the hoards of window-shoppers. In addition, in the core area of Wulin Women’s Fashion Street on Longyou Road (龙游路) near West Lake, there is Wulin Night Market. Widely favored for its assortment of goods, Wulin Night Market mainly consists of four sections: digital products, creative handicrafts, small household articles and Taiwanese snacks.