Intime Department Store(Wulin)

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Name in Chinese: 银泰百货(武林店)

Address: No.530, Yan'an Road, Hangzhou (杭州市延安路530号)

Phone: 86-571-85068180

Brief of Intime Department Store(Wulin)

Zhejiang Intime Department Store Co., Ltd. was founded and opened to business in 1998. With invested 400 million RMB Yuan, Intime Department Store (Wulin) is the first of its retail investment project in Hangzhou and located at heart of the city – south of Wulin Square (武林广场), with Hangzhou Tower (杭州大厦) and Hangzhou Department Store (杭州百货大楼) just around the corner. It is one of the largest department store buildings in Hangzhou, which includes general merchandises (with more than 60,000 high quality commodities), restaurants, and amusement and leisure purposes. The building on the street side (Yan'an Road) has length of 160 m and total business area occupies about 31,500 square meters; with more than 3000 staffs of various ranks, 28 escalators and lifts for passengers and goods purposes; as well as high-tech fire protection, security monitor, computerized communication, acoustic and cashier systems, which make you feel safe and comfortable inside.