Fang Hui Chun Tang


Name in Chinese: 方回春堂

Address: No.117, Hefang Street (河坊街117号)

Phone: 86-571-87808117

Brief of Fang Hui Chun Tang

Fang Hui Chun Tang, with a 300 year old history, is one of China’s oldest TCM pharmacies. The pharmacy originally a small clinic was founded and developed by an accomplished pediatrician.

Today Fang Hui Chun Tang consists of three sections: Hall of TCM Doctors, where more than 80 specialised doctors offer their expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hall of TCM, where this ancient medicine in the form of herbs and pills is sold and Hall of Ginseng offers a number of traditional and original tonics that, in order to guarantee their quality, have been personally hand-picked by the pharmacy workers.

In addition, every day a cup of herbal tea and brochures, on how to keep healthy, are offered for free and every winter, “Herbal Paste Festival” and ‘Ginseng Festival’ take place - two annual events where veteran TCM doctors are on hand to assess individuals’ body conditions and all kinds of ginseng are available to buy, therefore providing the perfect prescription.

Fang Hui Chun Tang works on the motto “It is alright to make a profit, but despicable to sell poor-quality products”. So rest assured a visit to this pharmacy will guarantee you the best, in medicine, that money can buy.