High Xuan Spa Hotel

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Name in Chinese: 杭州西溪西轩酒店

Address: No. 21 Zijingang Road (紫金港路21号)

Phone: 86-571-85002888

Brief of High Xuan Spa Hotel

Hangzhou High Xuan Spa Hotel is a modern establishment located next to the picturesque Xixi National Wetland Park and boasts of a stylish library with a collection of 6000 books and the first ever MetaSpa. Breaking away from the traditional spa, MetaSpa offers its customers cutting edge treatments amid ultra-modern comfort and creatively combines aesthetic treatment and spa. In addition all the products they are using are world-class ones favoured by international celebrities.
MetaSpa occupies the two underground floors of the hotel, a total area of 2500sq m and among its 17 treatment rooms, five are multi-layered. Bathrooms, shower rooms, steam rooms and beds for aesthetic and wellness treatments grace the first floor, while the second floor is equipped with entertainment facilities like televisions. This kind of layout can only be found in High Xuan and is suitable for family members and friends wanting to chill and have fun together.