Dongpo Pork


Brief:The pork is stewed along with vinegar, scallion, ginger, and sugar, in a sealed casserole pot over a low heat. It's as soft as tofu but not fragile, glutinous but not greasy.

Brief of Dongpo Pork

This famous dish is named after Su Dongpo, a governor of ancient Hangzhou and a great poet, prose writer and calligrapher too. During his term, as governor, he started the thorough dredging of the West Lake, a project involving thousands of workers and which benefited the local people immensely.

It is no secret that Su Dongpo liked eating pork so, in order to express their gratitude, the local people, during Chinese New Year, presented Su Dongpo with a lot of pork and Shaoxing Wine (a type of cooking wine in Chinese cuisine). Su Donpo knew all too well that it was the workers who truly deserved the gift, so he told his family to stew together the pork and Shaoxing Wine and distribute the resulting dish to the workers. It turned out that the pork was extremely tasty and because of Su Donpo’s kindness Dongpo Pork became widely favored by all.

The pork used for this dish needs to be half fat and half lean and is usually cut up into cubes. Then the pork, along with vinegar, scallion, ginger, and sugar, is left to stew in a sealed casserole dish over a low heat for about one hour. The pork cooked in this way glows red and is as soft as tofu and while it may be glutinous it is nowhere near greasy.

Where to eat: Lou Wai Lou, Zhi Wei Guan, Kui Yuan Guan and so on