Meet with 12 (Kerry Center)


Name in Chinese: 十二茶涧(嘉里中心店)

Address: 107, Basement -1, Kerry Center, No. 385 XiaYan'an Road, Xiache...

Phone: 86-571-85216181

Brief of Meet with 12 (Kerry Center)

What effect will the combination of flower and tea have? Meet with 12 is such a romantic and beautiful shop, which is decorated with fresh flowers in everywhere. The ‘flower cup’ is full of creativity by putting flowers on the tea. Gold brown sugar pearl milk tea tastes mellow and rich, shaking evenly before drinking to make the brown sugar and milk tea thoroughly blended. A good cup of milk tea can present a beautiful marble pattern on the wall of the cup. While the flowers inserted on the lid of the cup make the tea more perfect. While drinking tea, inhale a hint of fragrance, let the fragrance of flowers and milk tea bloom in the mouth.