Enjoy Your Coffee Hangzhou Flagship Store


Name in Chinese: 悦咖啡杭州旗舰店

Address: Floor 1, 338-48, Xiaocheng Tiandi Commercial Center, Xiasha

Phone: 0571-87256616

Brief of Enjoy Your Coffee Hangzhou Flagship Store

When you step into the door, you will smell the strong coffee in the air. There is a row of small glass bottles on the bar, which mark the flavor characteristics of each coffee. It is like a small ‘flavour library’, and the equipment in the store is also top-notch. In addition to a variety of mellow coffee and exquisite desserts, a variety of Western dishes are also available here.

It is not only a coffee shop, but also a fashion life experience museum, in which there is unique style of home appliance, but also a library, as well as a marine ball pool. You can enjoy the delicious food and enjoy a happy time.