Cafe sangu's


Name in Chinese: 三谷咖啡

Address: No.102, Hua’feng International Business Building, Xin’ye Roa...

Phone: 86-571-87701075

Brief of Cafe sangu's

The Northern-European-style bakery is spacious, bright, and warm in tone. It features various European breads and desserts. In fact, Café sangu’s is the new store of the owner of PAIN CHAUD, which is a well-known bakery in Shanghai. As Café sangu’s features natural diet, the breads sold are all handmade, with less oil and sugar; this perfectly meet the taste of those who are big fans of healthy breads and baking.  The coffee and light meals in the store are in charged by Jack Liu, who is a Michelin chief and specializes in European-French fusion cuisine.