The Alley (Yan’an Road)


Name in Chinese: 鹿角巷(延安路店)

Address: No. 267, Yan’an Road, Shang’cheng District, Hangzhou

Phone: 86-571-13806856744

Brief of The Alley (Yan’an Road)

The Alley is a milk-tea brand from Taiwan. With a great number of branches over the world, it finally lands in Hangzhou. The café is embraced by green plants and decorated by the accessories of “deer” image. The decoration sets guests in a forest where a herd of deer lives. The ceiling with starry pattern makes the whole café very fantasy, which is a greatly contrast to the black-and-metal interior design throughout the café.

“Brown sugar with milk” is the signature of it. The layers of Milk, sugar syrup, and pearl bubble overlap and separate in an obvious way. It is pleasant to see how they merge with each another when you turn the cup upside down. The syrup layer and pearl bubble layer sinking to blend with milk is like ink dropping into water. The milk with light taste is perfectly matched up with sweet pearl bubble to please your tongue.