Gloria Jean’s Coffees


Name in Chinese: 高乐雅咖

Address: No. A258, Floor L2, Grand Canal Place, Lishui Road

Phone: 86-571-28311586

Brief of Gloria Jean’s Coffees

Gloria Jean’s Coffees is located on the second floor of Grand Canal Place.The large glass walls reveal the warm lighting inside, and the interior space is also spacious. The decoration is very simple and graceful. There are many coffee making devices on the bar, and large glass jars filled with coffee beans. The thick coffee smell fills the nose instantly.

The star product in the store is white Australian coffee, which is smooth and mellow. The macarons here are peanut-shaped, acceptable sweet taste, and it is a perfect match to eat with coffee. In addition to coffee, the store also sells a variety of high-quality coffee beans, cakes, coffee cups and other goods.