Yishu Coffee


Name in Chinese: 一树咖啡

Address: Floor 1, Building 9, 257 Hushu South Road, Gongshu District

Phone: 86-571-88828685

Brief of Yishu Coffee

Located among the luxuriant flowers and trees and has quiet atmosphere even in a noisy neighborhood, Yishu Coffee is a coffee house with a theme of love and happiness and full of artistic atmosphere and pure love. This coffee house has an open area of 300 square meters, with two big boxes and two small boxes, is able to hold 80 people for dish. The overall layout is strewn at random, with spacious landscape terrace, comfortable sunshine glass room and quiet chic little courtyard.
Yishu Coffee provides all kinds of coffee, beverage and business casual dining. Meanwhile it provides services in theme salon, small business buffet, wedding theme party etc. What make Yishu Coffee different from other traditional coffee houses is that it incorporates more humanistic flavor. Coffee is not the only thing provided by Yishu, which also serves a different life museum for consumers by merging colorful elements such as artistic finisher appreciation, appetite wine drinking, happy theme wedding and micro film etc.