Homewood Café


Name in Chinese: Homewood咖啡馆

Address: No.8, Jiefang East Road, Hangzhou (杭州市解放东路8号)

Phone: 86-571-81103457

Brief of Homewood Café

The decoration at Homewood is decidedly hip Korean: custom-made wooden furniture, early 2000s iTunes music visualizations projected on a brick wall and a gigantic latte mug over the archway into the outdoor seating area.

Homewood has a pretty decent menu in English and Chinese. You can choose their specialties: the Belgian Set Meal (65 RMB), and the New York Set Meal (65 RMB). The Belgian Set meal comes with a Taiwanese sausage and hot dog, sautéed mushrooms, French fries, a fried egg, and of course, a gigantic Belgian waffle. The hamburger comes with the New York Meal, along with a piece of Texas toast and French fries. After all that, you can have some hand-drip coffee, which is really lovely and smooth.