Name in Chinese: MARQUISE

Address: No.276, West Wen'er Road, Hangzhou (杭州市文二路276号)

Phone: 15088627173


Though tiny and lesser-known, MARQUISE Salon De Provence breathes an air of elegance and serenity. Blessed with atmospheric, cozy and luxurious environment, it is a choice destination for those in town to while away some spare afternoons and nights. Marquise keeps drawing a steady stream of patrons all year around. What it lacks in size, however, is made up for in other features.

It features a four-seat miniature terrace, where its patrons can breathe in fresh air, bask under the sunshine, sip a cup of coffee and talk with friends. The furnishings are plush and comfortable, with a rich collection of reading materials distributed everywhere, mostly of which are fashion magazines. As your eyes wander over darkly-colored wood and cabinets filled with tiny antiques lit by backlit gauze drapes, you'll notice that there is a permeating scent of tea in the air. There is a small cocktail menu with prices averaging 60RMB, and the Mojito can easily stir one’s attention. The owner says that fresh mint is grown on the premises, and the harvest is subject to seasonal availability.

Of note is the Arabe Shisha that offers smokers something a little different from the usual variety of cigarettes that are a ubiquitous fixture throughout Hangzhou. This little salon is unusual, but it could find itself well-loved by locals for that very same fact.