IFE Coffee


Name in Chinese: IFE 咖啡馆

Address: No.418, Xixi Road, Hangzhou (杭州市西溪路418路)

Phone: 86-571-85122676

Brief of IFE Coffee

IFE Café is located on the south side of Xixi road, near the International dormitory of Zhejiang University. The prime location gives the café great sun exposure. The floor-to-ceiling windows in the front bathe the entire café in natural light, making it a perfect study retreat for International students. Lined with benches and plush chairs at dark wood tables, the walls are dark grey with Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French and English graffiti. IFE serves various coffee drinks at fair prices and it is even cheaper if you order takeaway. Pastries are also available to accompany the drinks. Though it takes a little while to get the drinks, their quality is worth the wait.