Name in Chinese: 不足山宿

Address: No. 46 Wengjiashan Village, Xihu District

Phone: 86-571-28255052

Brief of BUZU

The BUZU is located at the hillside of Wengjiashan Mountain. If you climb up from the stone ladder, you can see light passes through the gaps of the leaves to form a subtle shadow that mottled along the way. The homestay’s vision is extremely wide and offers great scenery. The home style is Japanese-style with a wide and quiet lobby, and there is a tea room for six people on the first floor. Both the bonsai and the tea set reflect the owner's intentions. There are a total of six rooms with tatami because the homestay is Japanese-style. There are no beds and no TV. Each room is equipped with Marshall audio, and the toiletries are Australia's premium brand APPELLES.