Hangzhou UU Hotel


Name in Chinese: 杭州旅行者漫步主题酒店

Address: No.176 Shuguang Road, Xihu District

Phone: 86-571-87789096

Brief of Hangzhou UU Hotel

UU Hotel is a petit bourgeois place to stay. Nice service from the staff, spacious area, convenient transportation and location —all these advantages could be found in the hotel. It is very close to some attractions in Xihu District such as the West Lake and Linyin Temple. It is a 10-mintue drive to Linyin Temple and a 15-minute drive to Hefang Street.

In addition to providing cozy rooms with free WiFi service, the hotel is attached to a 15-year-old pub where guests could have a good time at night. For those who are not fond of night activities, the two public balconies in the hotel are the good choices. Guests could feel free to choose to stay in a shared room or a private room which own a desk and a private bathing area.