The Lucid Xixi Hotel


Name in Chinese: 杭州庐境西溪酒店

Address: No.808, Wenerxi Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou

Phone: 86-571-88161666

Brief of The Lucid Xixi Hotel

Only a kilo meter away from Xixi Wetland Park, The Lucid Xixi Hotel blends with the silence, cleanliness, and pureness of Mother Nature, embodying the relaxing life portrayed in ancient poetry.

The logo of the hotel is a persimmon for it is the most famous thing from Xixi Wetland Park. There are “persimmons” everywhere in the hotel: the uniform of the staff, the carpets, the decoration, the rooms… On the sixth floor, there is an infinity-pool where guests can enjoy the view of the beautiful Xixi Wetland from the distance.