Hangzhou Turquoise Inn


Name in Chinese: 杭州西湖绿松石精品客栈

Address: 111 No.111, Qingzhiming Road, Xihu District

Phone: 86-571-87115701

Brief of Hangzhou Turquoise Inn

Hangzhou Turquoise Inn is located in Northern Xihu District, “the heaven in the noisy urban area” Qingzhiming Road. It is close to the Hangzhou plantation and Yuchuan Campus of Zhejiang University.


The inn is decorated with nice details, warm and bourgeoise. The Cozy rooms are clean and spacious. Just imagine lying in a rocking chair, seeing the beautiful view from the distance or reading book on your own, with the fresh air on the balcony. On the first floor there is a café which provides delicate utensils, delicious food and beverages.