Mehood Elegant Hotel


Name in Chinese: 雅致.梦溪山庄

Address: No.24, Jiuxi Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou

Phone: 86-571-28051888

Brief of Mehood Elegant Hotel

The hotel is located in Nine Creeks 18 stream, only 3.5 km from West Lake. It stays from the noisy urban area and close to mountains and water. With size of about 3000㎡, the hotel is refurbished from a house of Minguo Period. It features its 36 well-decorated rooms and the 22 privates outdoor pools.

The dining room in the hotel is high-class, filled with unique aesthetic appeal. The hotel stresses variety and fresh of food. Every delicate course refreshes your tongue. The private housekeeper with great courtesy is ready for you.