Thousand Island Lake Star Tent


Name in Chinese: 千岛湖星空帐篷

Address: Qiandao Lake Jinxian Bay International Tourism Resort Equestri...

Phone: 86-571-65181118

Brief of Thousand Island Lake Star Tent

The vast blue water of the lake, the dotted islands, the vast night sky... If you think these are not enough, the Star Tent Hotel will surely add a heart-warming reason to you~ Lying in a soft and comfortable bed, looking up at the stars, as if returning to your pure childhood...

1. The Star Tent Stay: The exterior is a dome-shaped tent structure, the inside is a neat hotel configuration, and the roof is equipped with a remote control skylight . When the night comes, you can open the skylight and count the stars with your baby.

2. Equestrian experience: If you've ever envied the free and brave knight, the equestrian park on the island will help you achieve your childhood aspirations. Change your outfit, step up and you are the jungle knight.