Shuimo Rongzhuang Art Theme Hotel


Name in Chinese: 杭州水墨蓉庄艺术主题酒店

Address: Building 1, No. 1 Tanmei Road, Chaoshan Mountain Scenic Area, ...

Phone: 86-571-88796789

Brief of Shuimo Rongzhuang Art Theme Hotel

Shuimo Rongzhuang Art Theme Hotel is located in China’s largest plum blossom tourist resort, the National 4A Tourism Scenic Area – Chaoshan Mountain Scenic Area, adjacent to Chaoshan Mountain Scenic Area Dongyuan Park, Chaoshan Mountain Plum Viewing Point and other attractions.

The hotel covers an area of approximately 2,800 square meters and is set among the viewing point Wanshu Plum Blossoms in Hangzhou’s Chaoshan Mountain Scenic Area. The hotel is art-oriented and mainly decorated in Chinese style, supplemented by European, American, Mediterranean and Southeast Asian styles. It is a hotel integrating art, vacation and leisure. The hotel has a total of 16 rooms, some of which have beautiful lake views from the floor-to-ceiling windows. The courtyard of some small rooms is a small attraction. The deep sense of history and the ethereal art are mutually supported.