Hangzhou Blue Lotus Hotel


Name in Chinese: 杭州蓝莲花开·溪上

Address: No. 160 Qingzhiwu, Yugu Road, Xihu District

Phone: 86-571-88033360

Brief of Hangzhou Blue Lotus Hotel

Located at Qingzhiwu, beside the West Lake, Hangzhou Blue Lotus Hotel is adjacent to Zhejiang University’s Yuquan Campus and Hangzhou Botanical Garden. It has a tranquil environment that is surrounded by an abundance of dining and entertainment facilities, excellent geographical environment and Convenient transportation.

The style of the hotel is a partial European style combined with Chinese elements. The small yard has been carefully arranged and is as exquisite as a garden. When you open the Mediterranean style arch, you enter the world of literature and art. Every room in the hotel has its own characteristics. The small rooms are exquisite and the large rooms are pleasant to the eye.The Mediterranean style decoration in the room reflects an elegant and comfortable slow life.