Primus Hotel Qiandao Lake


Name in Chinese: 千岛湖文渊狮城铂瑞酒店

Address: No.88 Shicheng Road (In Lion City Scenic Area) Chun'an

Phone: 86-571-58708888

Brief of Primus Hotel Qiandao Lake

The hotel is located in the Wenyuan Lion Town with an area that covers 170 acres. The buildings here are typical Huizhou townhouses or single-family villas with white washed walls and tiled roofs to comply with the style of the ancient city.

Entering the lobby is like being in a large family home in ancient times. Every corner is exuded with traditional architectural elements: carved wooden doors, beautiful copper locks, hollow wooden windows, ancient screens, etc.. Passing through the entrance hall is a traditional residence, the hotel has 83 rooms, which are all with independent traditional Chinese style doors and courtyards, each has a private butler. The hotel has an infinity pool of about 1000 square meters. The pool faces Qiandao Lake and from which you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Qiandao Lake. Pets can also be accommodated at no extra charge.