Hangzhou Flower Time Holiday Villa


Name in Chinese: 杭州花自在度假别墅

Address: Entrance of Ancient Road, Jingshan Mountain, Jingshan Town, Yu...

Phone: 86-571-13588745088

Brief of Hangzhou Flower Time Holiday Villa

The homestay has a tranquil surroundings and is located on Jingshan Ancient Road, which is over 1200 years of history. The villa has been converted from a residential building, and it respects the simple, natural, refined and comfortable quality of life. The guest rooms are equipped with high-quality products, imported custom furniture, and barbecue grills in the courtyard.

In the morning, the birds in the bamboo forest awakened you, opened the curtains with the warm sun on your face. The butler had already delivered breakfast to the room on time. After the meal, you could walk along the ancient road and reach the top of the mountain in forty to fifty minutes. Nearby is the millennium ancient temple Jingshan Temple, which is the ancestral home of Japanese Linji Zen Buddhism. Visiting the temple, enjoying vegetarian food, and leisurely going down the mountain, the day passes unconsciously. Or you could read books and drink tea in the yard to enjoy a leisure life.