Line Drawing Art Inn


Name in Chinese: 杭州白描艺术酒店

Address: No. 82 Tongwu Village, Waitong Street, Xihu District

Phone: 86-571-87977050

Brief of Line Drawing Art Inn

Located in the Waitongwu Art Town, surrounded by green hills and green tea gardens, Line Drawing Art Inn is an art house featured with Chinese elements. Created by three artists, the hotel strives for a simple lifestyle and by staying far from the world away with no conscious thought. The five rooms are named after the pigments, with simple decoration and avoid unwanted furnishings.

The hotel has 200-square meter artwork exhibition hall, 300-square-meter terrace and 500-square-meter indoor space. Each detail of the decoration here reflects original artistic design. The exhibition hall gathers sculptures, oil paintings and collections of contemporary artists, and regularly organizes exhibitions of art fairs, solo artist exhibitions, and creative exhibitions for college students.