Hilton Garden Inn Hangzhou Luniao


Name in Chinese: 杭州鸬鸟新湖希尔顿花园酒店

Address: Xunli Street No. 8, Luniao Town, Yuhang District

Phone: 86-571-88576688

Brief of Hilton Garden Inn Hangzhou Luniao

Located in the valley of Luniao Town, Yuhang District, Hilton Garden Inn Hangzhou Luniao looks like a castle from afar and is surrounded by landscapes such as tea gardens, sea of bamboos, forests and canyons. There are Shangougou Scenic Area, Dajingshan National Park, China Bamboo Sea, Shuangxi Rafting, Hello Kitty Park, which are within a 30-minute drive from the hotel.

Although the hotel room design is minimalism style, but the details are not ambiguous, large-screen televisions, superior beds are all available. Sitting in the restaurant can enjoy the landscape scenery, a large area of floor-to-ceiling windows, through which you can enjoy the beautiful scenery like a picture reflected in the plate. In addition, there are facilities such as a 24-hour gym and indoor children's playground.