Bi An Leisure Holiday Hotel


Name in Chinese: 临安彼岸休闲度假民宿

Address: Yinlongwu 98, Lin'an Qingliangfeng Town

Phone: 86-571-13567173088

Brief of Bi An Leisure Holiday Hotel

Bi An Leisure Holiday Hotel is located in a small ancient village in Qingliangfeng National Nature Reserve. The resort has a tranquil environment and was renovated and refurbished by some vacant village houses, in which all the bricks and trees were kept.

Stay in the resort for a night will make you forget about the hectic life and endless troubles, to reunite with nature and enjoy the comfort that nature brings. In spare time, you can stroll in the lush mountains, listen to natural sounds, and experience a free life with no worries. Enjoy a cup of tea, taste the delicious  food has a free atmosphere to let you enjoy a comfortable slow life.