Qiandai Resort


Name in Chinese: 千岱山居民宿

Address: No. 12 Qiandaikeng, Siling Village, Jingshan Town, Yuhang Dist...

Phone: 86-571-88586667

Brief of Qiandai Resort

This is a home for people who love life. Here, the spatial scale of human contact with nature is maximally satisfied. Each room has a large terrace, and each window is a landscape. The homestay uses a large number of solid wood furniture and products, as well as original prints by famous artists. Every morning, the butler will purchase the freshest ingredients and prepare the breakfast according to a healthy collocation.

You can practice yoga early in the morning, jog in the evening, starry at night, and life is back to what it should be. Qiandai Shanju Resort expects to deliver a simple philosophy of life: focus on physical and mental state, do favorite things, and live a simple life.