Chaxiang Lishe Holiday Hostel


Name in Chinese: 杭州茶香丽舍度假民宿

Address: No. 212 Siyanjing, Hupao Road

Phone: 86-571-87152030

Brief of Chaxiang Lishe Holiday Hostel

Chaxiang Lishe Holiday HostelInn is located at the south line of West Lake, surrounded by six of the Ten Scenes of West Lake.

There are 30 guest rooms in the hotel, which provides facilities according to the standard of high star hotels, and authentic Hangzhou snacks are available for breakfast. Many tourists come for the beautiful scenery. Whenever it rains, clouds and mist wreathed the mountains and looks like fairyland. It is very rare to own such an open mountain scenery in Hangzhou City's home stay circle. Mr. Ni, the hotel owner, is a native of Hangzhou City, who has a good knowledge of the beauty and food of Hangzhou, and will arrange different tourist routes according to customers’ interests.

The most special feature of the hotel is that it perfectly combines the leisure and free atmosphere together with the comfort of high standard hotel, to make people feel tranquil and free.