Flourish Grass Across The Filed Guest House


Name in Chinese: 杭州野有蔓草精品民宿

Address: No. 87 Siyanjing, Xihu District

Phone: 86-571-88891666

Brief of Flourish Grass Across The Filed Guest House

The house is built along a hill, located in Xiamanjuelong, adjacent to attractions such as Hangzhou Zoo, Siyanjing(Four-eyed Well) and Children's Park etc. It is built on the mountain and is a homestay with romantic and artistic atmosphere.
The overall design style is simple and natural with a keynote of simple white. The 24 guest rooms have different characteristics, and each room will present different living experiences and feelings to customers. So innovative the shower machine is that there is light tea fragrance after finishing bathing every time. The Flourish Grass Western Restaurant in first floor is a pure French and Italian restaurant, where there is delicious pizza roasted with firewood, which is unique and can not be missed. The house owner is a freelance photographer who prefers traditional Chinese manual culture. Therefore, various traditional manual experience activities will be held at regular intervals.