Flange Homestay


Name in Chinese: 杭州法兰萌望民宿

Address: 206-208 Siyanjing Road, Xihu District

Phone: 86-571-87861998

Brief of Flange Homestay

The homestay is located in the mountains of West Lake. You can enjoy clouds and mist when it rains and overlook green mountains when it’s sunny. Flange Homestay, which is transformed from two farmhouses that is full of countryside vigor. Its rooms and courtyard are full of French flair.
The names of each room are called after the aromatherapy in it. Some aromatherapy is made with 7 kinds of precious roses, with chopped violet leaves and lemon, has a intoxicating fragrance.
Although the size and decoration of each room are different, but each equipped with a standard comfortable bed sized 2 meters * 2 meters, which is rare in Hangzhou’s other home stays. With soft goose down quilt and different flavor aromatherapy, the sleep quality of every guest is guaranteed.