Lakeview Houseboat Hotel & Resort

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Name in Chinese: 千岛湖秀水舫酒店

Address: No.469,Yangguang Road,Thousand-island Lake Town,Chun’an Count...

Phone: 86-571-65033333

Brief of Lakeview Houseboat Hotel & Resort

Floating on the beautiful Thousand-island Lake, Lakeview Houseboat Hotel & Resort is presently the largest, most luxurious and unique “floating hotel” in China, which is also reputed as “a floating palace”. As a landmark floating on the Thousand-island Lake, this hotel with red walls and golden dome of unique architectural style becomes a new folk cultural landscape. Its classical design and elegant decoration adheres to the profound Chinese traditional culture. With an area of over 10,000 square meters, this hotel has 109 suits of different sizes including deluxe king-size rooms, king-size rooms, double rooms and standard rooms. Its floating dining room, with a capacity of more than 600 people, serves natural flavourous feast.