Hangzhou Taixuhu Holiday Hotel

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Name in Chinese: 杭州太虚湖假日酒店

Address: located in Eastern Cultural Garden in Xiaoshan District,Hangzh...

Phone: 86-571-82336868

Brief of Hangzhou Taixuhu Holiday Hotel

Hangzhou Taixuhu Holiday Hotel is the first leisure hotel in Eastern China themed with oriental culture, as an integration of garden culture, leisure culture and health culture, featured by conference & exhibition, leisure & holiday and recuperation & body checkup.

With an area of nearly 80, 000 square meters, carrying strong tinge of oriental culture in design and revealing luxury and magnificence amidst antiquity and elegance, the hotel is blessed with favorable natural environment, facing the lake, surrounded by mountains and close to ecological yew forest of thousands of mu. Reputed as “the best resort for leisure and holiday in China”, it is your primary choice for quality leisure life.