Roots Resort Hangzhou

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Name in Chinese: 杭州热土养生庄园

Address: No.47 Xu Villege, Jiuxi, Hangzhou

Phone: 86-571-86599399

Brief of Roots Resort Hangzhou

Located at the entrance of the Nine Creeks Meandering through a Misty Forest (九溪十八涧) in West Lake Jiuxi scenic area, as the first dedicated body convalescent resort hotel in China, Roots Resort Hangzhou is bound to the north by Wuyun Mountain, to the south by Qianjiang River, to the east by Six Harmonious Pagoda and to the west by Zhijiang tourism resort. With an area of about 50 acres, five-star hotel standard design and construction, it provides services like accommodation, SPA, vegetarian dishes, recycling detoxification spa and meditation.

This Roots Resort retains a lot of original natural ecological resources like gurgling streams, verdant plants, old wooden doors, flagstone road and etc. Walking in such pleasing environment, you can even encounter the super adorable animals like alpacas, bantam horses, peacocks and rabbits.